Sophomores and Juniors (during school year 2023-2024), you can now get a 

first-hand look at what Unifieds will be like your Senior year. 
Organized and hosted by College Audition Coach staff.
Students do not need to be a private student of College Audition Coach


Saturday, Feb 3rd - Sunday, Feb 4th, 2024
Chicago Palmer House Hilton

Registration is $199



Receive a guided tour of the audition rooms

See how colleges conduct auditions and how students navigate their audition schedule

Be a part of our CAC pep rally meeting

Attend private CAC sponsored workshops with Unified college professors and current seniors
Last year's lineup included U Michigan, Penn State, Texas State, Ithaca, Oklahoma, Webster and Otterbein

Attend casual meet and greets with college program professors

Perform in a work session with our CAC coaches and fellow students
Beau Harmon (So You Think You Can Dance) teaches a dance combo in real time and gives feedback!



REGISTRATION DETAILS WILL BE AVAILABLIE IN FALL 2023. Upon registration you will receive an email with a detailed schedule and travel information