• A 2nd semester High School Junior or rising Senior planning to do Senior Year Private Coaching with College Audition Coach and register for Moonifieds.
  • A student, parent, or college advisor planning to embark on the college audition process. 

Covers acting, singing, and dance for students pursuing degrees in acting and musical theatre. Follow us through fifteen online video sessions and audio podcasts WHERE COLLEGE PROFESSORS AND INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS join the College Audition Coach team, as we personally guide you step-by-step through the entire audition process. Search our database of performing arts programs with direct links to their audition requirements. Learn how to create a smart college list of Reach, Fit, and Safety schools. Utilize example headshots and resumes, and use our resources to find the perfect audition material for your type. And of course, cut out clutter with the help of our trademark-designed organizational tools.

Content Documents Included:

  • The first-ever published database of performing arts colleges with links to audition requirements
  • Our trademark-designed organizational tools
  • Know My Type personality assessment
  • Audition material resources list and prescreen checklist
  • Live Streaming audition set up
  • Example headshots and resume templates
  • Audio podcasts with the most popular college department heads

Video Sessions Content

  • Introduction
  • Know Who You Are, Show Who You Are
  • Selecting Your Material
  • Create Your College List
  • Headshot/Resume/Wardrobe
  • Planning Your Audition Schedule
    PLUS: Show Your Best Self :
    Creating Your Prescreen Audition. How-to instruction to shoot your own prescreen.
  • Common Prescreen Guidelines
  • The Audition
  • After the Audition

Featuring: The Song Edition
Perfect the art of acting the song with Mark Madama, Professor Emeritus of Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan. Experience a real mock college audition with Kaitlin Hopkins, Founder of the Musical Theatre program at Texas State University, and enjoy actual student song performances. Learn how to organize your book of song repertoire and get tips on how to work with live accompanists and recorded backup tracts.

Audio Podcast: Song Choice: how to showcase your vocal strengths and tips on vocal health by Kaitlin Hopkins, co-head of musical theatre at Texas State University

Featuring: The Dance Edition
Find out what happens in a real college dance audition with Broadway veteran and noted choreographer, Tyler Haynes. Get tips on dance audition etiquette from Robin Lewis, head of MT dance at Rider, and find out how proper dance attire can make you look the part. Watch students perform a real college dance combination, and feel prepared for the big day.

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